What Is Twilight For Me

Here we go I would like to talk to you about my favourite movie/books, I never feel like this for a book, ever and ever!

Hello everyone, I would like to give you some information about my favorite movie/books ever then ever see/read.

Perhaps you have already earth something about that, its Twilight of course.

I have already read the 4 books, a long time ago and still enjoying my pleasure during the reading! I love so much the stories, people , I have already seen the movies (I live in Europe, Belgium) so more than 5 times I think, tomorrow I go again on the cinema.

The movie was great, all of the player are very good, very sincerely, very beautiful

Twilight it?s not a simple fantastique story, I much better than that, It's something like the real life of a banal personnel (Bella), and also a banal village.

So for me twilight it's the best movie/book ever, ever.