Singing Techniques For High Notes

Now, the first thing everybody says you should do is always warm up. But people never explain how you should warm up. Here's a warm up all types of singers should do.

1) Start off by doing some humming - rest your tongue below the bottom of your teeth. - make sure your teeth aren't touching - and make sure your mouth is closed

After doing some humming for five minutes.A�

2) Start doing some talking exercises. Talking exercises are great to have you sing as naturally as possible.

Start off by talking as gentle as possible saying one, two, three, four then five. Always go higher in pitch little by little.

3) Next, you wanna start doing some singing techniques for high notes.

The first technique that is best to have is good breath support. Always breathe in with good amounts of air. Here's an exercise that is great to do.

Start off by breathing in then letting it out on a sssss then after doing 3 seconds of doing a ssss go straight into a zzzzzz. Always go into a pitch on any note when you reach the zzzzz.

That's a great singing technique for high notes. Because anyone can do it at anytime. And, you can try going as high as you can on the zzzz meaning whatever note you hit with the zzzz. You can hit for real.

These are just a few singing techniques for high notes that really work. And if you put these techniques into good practice you can really improve drastically.