Marc Jacobs Makes You Feel Good

Marc Jacobs will be the first person to tell you that he did not design his fashionable sunglasses to be worn by only people with very deep pockets. He designed them for everyone to wear and enjoy, and even though they tend to run on the expensive side they are well worth the money the consumer pays for them. Jacobs believes that women wear his clothing line because they like the way the clothes look and feel on them. He doesn't think they wear his clothing to show they have money or worry about their status in the world.

Jacobs has been known to make the most comfortable clothing the most luxurious, and that is the appeal his designer line has had since it hit the fashion scene in the mid-1980s. His designer sunglasses are no different, and they come in a wide range of styles that are not only classic but stylish. The glasses all come with little to no adornment on them, which make them even trendier. Some designers add 'bling' and other popular trinkets to their sunglasses, but Jacobs has always kept his streamlined and simple. Plain? No. Sharp and stylish? Yes.

Big sunglasses have recently come back into fashion, and the Marc Jacobs line of designer sunglasses has jumped onto the bandwagon. His Crystal Butterfly sunglasses are one of the only styles that actually have some 'bling' to it: a bunch of Swarovski crystals on a black or white frame. Of course, if you're into retro, the Cat Eye Sunglasses are the ones you want. And you don't have to worry about poking out your eyes with the points! Rimless and partially rimless are also very popular this year, so if they go out of style at the end of the year just hold on to them. Styles come back around every 20 years.

Marc Jacobs has proven that even though he is still one of the new kids on the fashion industry block his designs are award worthy. Time and time again his designs have taken home awards and his newest styles will surely be the same way. If you want to look sexy and fashion trendy, the sunglasses made by Marc Jacobs will fit the bill.