How Do You Increase Your Odds Of Hitting The Lotto With Longshot

Why do Longshots play such an critical role in winning the lottery?

Unfortunately, lottery players the world over repeat this mistake all to often. Serious lottery players unsuccessfully attempting to capture all the winning numbers into their play lists. They carefully scrutinize their lottery's history prior to each drawing and conscientiously designing a killer play list for the next drawing.

After carefully crafting their wagers from their play list, they put their money down. But, with only a few of the winning numbers in their play list, it's back to the drawing board. Sound familiar?

Well, I've been there before. I walked that trail for years. But, I only have myself to blame. I simply refused to check out this very special category of lottery numbers. But, when I finally got turned around, my play lists improved dramatically and I was back in the game and having more fun.

Answer this question. Wouldn't it be more fun playing the lottery if you were actually in the running to win the lottery jackpot more often? Having a play list with all of the winning numbers in it means you are in the running to win. Having all of the winning numbers in your play list is what it's all about. Playing the odds and being right, makes it more fun.

But, did you know there is a secret to all of this? And, I discovered this secret to improving your chances of winning the lottery and I am going to share it with you! The secret is this.

The Secret of the Longshots

I'll use the MegaMillions lottery in this example, although any lottery would do. This 5/56 lottery has a bonus number but it will not be included in this discussion. By the way, the bottom line results are the same for all lotteries; only the values will change.

Here are the secrets that can turn your game around and give you an edge.

1. It takes at least one of these numbers to win the lottery jackpot 92.5% of the time.

2. To win the lottery requires more than 2 Longshots on the average.

3. Over 40% of the winning numbers are Longshots.

WARNING! - If you are serious player, you must regularly play Longshots to improve your chances of winning the lottery jackpot.