Dog Cages and Crates

When the family rescued the lively white poodle from a bad situation they had great hopes that she would be the perfect pet. Smart, pretty, friendly-all she needed was a bath and a good grooming. They named their new dog Angel, hoping she would be true to her name. On the way home they stopped at the pet store to buy a dog bed. They considered getting a dog crate, but decided against it.

The family lavished love on their new dog. They bought her dog toys and dog jackets and the best food. They let her sleep on the kids' beds. When she jumped onto the living room couch they grimaced, but didn't stop her. Let her feel love and accepted, they agreed, before disciplining her.

After spending the weekend getting to know Angel, the adults went to work and the children to school on Monday morning. They walked her, left her a big bowl of water, and said goodbye as they left for the day.

When the family came home at the end of the day, a surprise was waiting for them. Angel had taken every scrap of food she could reach off the kitchen counter. Some of it was scattered over the floor, but most of it was on that couch she liked to sit on. That was when the family knew they needed a dog cage or dog crate for their Angel.

As with many dog owners, this family didn't want to put their dog in a cage. They thought it was mean to crate a dog, or that it would make Angel unhappy or scared. But when they looked online for information about dog crates, they learned that crates could actually make dogs feel safer. For many dogs crates take the anxiety out of being alone in a big house. They feel comforted by the enclosed space, especially when they have a soft blanket to lie on.

Good pet stores carry a variety of dog crates and cages. A simple wire crate is an economical choice. Crates come in different sizes for different size dogs. Many fold flat for easy transport. Heavy-duty dog cages are made from 4mm gauge steel and have steel carrying handles and metal base trays that stand up to long, hard use. For dogs that will be traveling in a car a 3-door crate with sloped sides is a good choice. Lightweight fabric soft-sided crates are easy to move, and come in various colors. Airline approved kennels are the safest dog crates for airline travel and also work well in cars and in the home. Airline kennels have strong plastic shells, sturdy mesh doors, side ventilation grills and water bowls that clip on the door.

Angel's family found that when Angel spent the day in her crate, she welcomed them calmly when they got home. Without a dog cage, the family may have decided that they couldn't keep Angel. Like many other pet owners, this family learned how dog cages make life with a pet much better.