Creative Branding Solutions - Can You Be Like Nike?

We see advertising in many forms including print, radio, television and of course the internet. Ever feel bombarded? I'm sure the answer is yes. Advertising is used in so many mediums because advertising budgets are huge especially in companies like Nike. Think of Super Bowl commercials which cost millions of dollars for 30 to 60 seconds of exposure (and that's when most viewers go to the refrigerator). The companies want their name in front of as many different potential clients as possible. Hidden in these methods of advertising are creative branding solutions.

But wait, have you ever seen an advertisement for Nike and then ran out instantly to buy the product being advertised? I haven't, but Nike and others have penetrated their markets by using focused rifle-like creative branding solutions in their advertising. If you have ever shot a rifle it's a focused bullet which is more precise in hitting the target versus a shotgun which sprays a bunch of bullets out of a cartridge with most 'bullets' missing the target.

One way companies focus their advertising and utilize creative branding solutions is by sponsoring events, tournaments, televised games, teams, schools, coaches and more. Look on the sidelines or uniforms of college and professional athletes and you'll see plenty of Nike swoosh logos. Now that's a focused creative branding solution in advertising but it's not just advertising. It's also goodwill and good business sense.

Can you be like Nike? Yes you can.

How many youth athletic teams are in your company's community? How many kids on those teams with families? How many family members outside of the team players on the team? I'm sure you get the point. You may not have a Nike sized advertising budget, but put your company logo on some uniforms of the youth athletic teams in your town or city and you're on your way to one of the best creative branding solutions out there. It's plain smart business.

Next, as the Nike slogan says..."Just Do It" need someone to put it all together for you. Get your logo on some hats, shorts, pants, wrist bands or other things worn by the players on all the teams you can sponsor and begin your creative branding solution campaign.